A Program Manager Handbook - By Shoonya

This is a condensed handbook that helps readers get proficient in Program Management practices built on the experiences of big tech (FAANG). 

In today's fast-paced world, where everyone is juggling work, household chores, and the pursuit of career growth, I believe this handbook can be a valuable solution to quickly pave your way to success in Program Management without investing excessive time and money.

Who is this for?

🚀 Are you aspiring to transition into a Program Management role? 

💼 Do you want to navigate the world of Program Management in big tech companies?

🤔  Are you lacking Program Management experience or certification but dream of becoming a Program Manager in big tech? 

🧩 Do you find yourself puzzled by the distinctions between Project, Program, Portfolio, and Product Management? 

📊 Are you eager to grasp the nuances of different Program Manager roles? 

If any of these questions resonate with you, this handbook is your answer! 

Maven course: Uplevel your career as a Program Manager - Cohort 3

Up-level as a Program Manager with proven tactics and framework

3 days of live Program Management cohort sessions to up-level your career as a Program Manager.

💡How to up-level your career as a Program Manager: includes proven program execution framework, how to deal with different personalities types, strategies to get promoted/standout, how to transition your career to Program Management

💡What to expect:

✔ Proven strategies that will help you make an immediate impact on your job

✔ Reflection exercise to gauze your skill against industry standards and evaluate where you stand

✔ Case studies based on real projects to give you a peek insight into different FAANG projects and respective scale

✔ Office hours where I will be addressing any additional questions you may have

✔ Alumni community to connect and learn with a group of professionals who are in similar stages and can help each other navigate

✔ Job search strategies and Interview prep to help land your dream job


✔ Templates that are used to up-level my career at Meta which I have improved over the last 15 years

✔ Get insight into the inner workings of Meta and Google and how successful programs are executed

📣 Featuring surprise guest AMA from FAANG and other top tier companies!